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Announcing Two Stares: Scenery's first full-length record - out 1/6/17

We're so pumped to announce Scenery's first full-length record, Two Stares. We will be releasing it ourselves on Friday 1/6/17. We'll be celebrating on Saturday 12/3/16 at Cheer Up Charlie's

Here's a little bit about the record:

Austin synth rock band Scenery is proud to announce the release of their first full-length album, Two Stares.It will be available the first week of 2017. Having been a band just under two years, this collection of Austin music veterans has already cultivated an avid following through their electric live performances.

Two Stares is a collection of 11 songs that reflect on being young, growing up, not being young anymore, and yet somehow still being young. Vocalist Richard Kentopp recalls stories of long drives, sneaking into the woods, being an angry drunk, and fires on the beach. Underneath the idyllic pictures of days gone by, the rhythm section of Shane Wood (bass) and Austin Hegarty (drums) pound out their tightly angular grooves. Dean Stafford douses the sound with swirling guitars while Ali Sanders tops everything off with lush keyboards and vocals.

It all comes together in Two Stares, leading the listener to believe that no matter how old they are the stories of the young can still move their body and heart.